October 2020 Income Report

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Welcome to my first “Monthly Income Report” for my various Print On Demand and marketing endeavors.

To keep things simple, this will be about sales made during the month of October 2020. Merch By Amazon pays out at the end of the following month, and Amazon KDP pays at the end of the 2nd month, which is hard to keep track of.

If it SOLD this month, then I report it and the money will come in later.

Merch By Amazon: $0 – no sales during October. I should have had some Halloween shirts up but didn’t.

Amazon KDP: ~$14 – KDP shuts off royalty reporting when the month rolls over. I sold 6 books. 5 in the US and 1 in France oddly. 4 copies of a collectors record book sold and single copies of 2 other books.

Etsy: $17.13 mostly from Halloween coloring sets

Etsy 2: $0 – still only 1 item on the shop

JJ: $0 – moved host, still resetting

PP: $0 – new store, just setting up

LB: $0 – concept needs work and effort

AF: $0 – conecpt needs work and effort

C4C: $0 – nothing here

PBE: $0 – set up some emails and lead-gen, but haven’t driven traffic yet.

Total Sales: $31.13 which sounds OK, but I spent nearly $40 on Etsy ads to make $3.96 from those ads. That’s crazy bad.

November should be a higher total sales number as the infamous Q4 rolls on.

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